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Sedation Dentist – IV Sedation – Light Sedation Dentistry

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Are you afraid to go to the dentist? Do you find yourself feeling anxious during routine teeth cleaning appointments? Do you need major dental work and are worried about it being painful? Have you neglected much needed dental visits because you are fearful of going? Here at Heritage Dental we fully understand that some people are simply uncomfortable seeing a dentist, and require special accommodations during any type of dental appointment. Our empathetic and professional dental staff is trained to ensure that you feel comfortable and welcome when you choose one of our popular sedation dentistry options for your next visit.

We have extensive experience assisting patients who suffer from dental anxiety and fears associated with going to the dentist. When you choose Heritage Dental as your dental health care provider, you will receive personalized customer service specific to your dental health needs from compassionate and understanding dental health professionals. Below is an overview of frequently asked questions associated with our sedation dentistry options.

What is sedation dentistry?

This is a popular dentistry treatment option for those with dental anxiety or dental phobias. In sedation dentistry, the patient has the option of three different sedation treatments which result in relaxation and increased comfort during any type of dental visit.

What are the three sedation dentistry options?

Sedation Dentistry Heritage Dental Portland OR

Nitrous Oxide/Laughing Gas-
highly sought after option for dental cleanings and routine dental health checkups.


Sleep Dentistry/Oral Sedation/Conscious Sedation-
this treatment option is typically in pill form and relaxes the patient without putting them to sleep.

Heritage Dental in SE Portland OR offers sedation dentistry iv sedation nitrous oxide to help patients who experience dental anxiety or dental phobias

IV Sedation Dentistry –
this treatment is a full-scale anesthesia and is usually an option for those who would like to have multiple procedures done at one time or those who require major dental work.

What are the benefits of sedation dentistry?

Sedation Dentistry has multiple benefits:

  • Time-saving
  • Increased comfort
  • Relaxation
  • Removal of gag reflex
  • Vague memory of dental visit

How do I decide which sedation dentistry option is best for me?

Here at Heritage Dental, we ensure that you are comfortable at all times during your time with us. Ultimately, you decide which sedation option is the best for you and your specific needs. We are here to offer any information you might need, and to consult you while you make your decision. We empower our patients to decide what type of treatments they will receive in our care.