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Gum Disease unfortunately effects according to some studies up to 80 percent of the population, many unknowingly.  Often Gum Disease is characterized by infections surrounding one or many teeth.  Gum Disease in many cases will only cause minor discomfort, and in its early stages won’t show obvious symptoms.  When Gum Disease is left untreated, it will spread and compromise a persons gums, teeth, bone and can also lead to other health complications such as heart disease, diabetes and even pregnancy complications.

People can put themselves at a greater risk and accelerating the effects of Gum Disease if any of the following apply: tobacco users, stress, bruxism, diabetes, poor diet, HIV, heredity and of course poor oral hygiene.  Even people who practice good oral hygiene can acquire gum disease.

Treating Gum Disease

Heritage Dental treats patients with varying degrees and stages of Gum Disease.  Early warning signs of gum disease can be redness or swelling of gums, and/or bleeding gums.  Regular dental check-ups by a dentist aide in catching gum disease early which allows for a much more conservative treatment.  The most conservative of treatments will be individual instruction to the patient on effective brushing and flossing techniques at home.  This type of treatment schedule may also include careful scaling of all affected tooth surfaces, gum irrigation, and may include locally placed antibiotics in areas of significant irritation.  Many times with these treatments in the early stages of Gum Disease our patients will experience immediate improvement and relief from their gum disease symptoms.  If symptoms don’t improve significantly, surgical treatment may be required.

Surgical Treatment of Gum Disease

If gum disease is allowed to progress without treatment, a patient may need oral surgery to stop the disease and restore their mouths oral health.  In most cases there are four surgical treatments that a Periodontist will perform: Soft Tissue Grafts, Crown Lengthening, Bone and / or Tissue Regeneration, and Pocket Depth Reduction.  These surgical treatments can greatly improve the patients chances of keeping their teeth.

Heritage Dental is experienced at treating gum disease and educating our patients on proper oral hygiene.  If you think you may be experiencing gum disease, we encourage you to contact our office to schedule a dental check up.  During this check up Dr. Marshall or Dr. Tooke can answer all your questions regarding gum disease, and current treatment options.